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The case-study method, which is commonly used in business and law school classrooms, is used by Family Enrichment to focus on cases that are rooted in real life.  Use of the case study method develops practical skills to help solve problems in family life.

The cases are rich in complex family situations and in significance for proper, productive relationships among family members: husband and wife, parents and children, sibling relationships, immediate family with extended family and friends.















While the case studies are instructive, it is the wisdom each couple shares within their own circumstances, background, and the sharing of  experience of the participating couples, facilitated in the general session by a professional moderator; who is also a married parent.


Throughout the course, participants learn, and implement the method, which is practical and of great benefit in all circumstances of life, not just in a discussion setting about the case study.  


As you become more familiar with the case-study method, you and your spouse will naturally apply this method to issues at home, work, anywhere, in every situation.  Not in a cold or academic way, but as a means of achieving and sustaining focus on what matters - in your marriage, with your children, with others all within the context of your own life and personality.

Each Family Enrichment course is designed to develop this practical skill for a lifetime. You benefit as do your children and the other couples in the course from learning and applying the method. 

Keeping in mind that family is our primary focus, and acknowledging we maintain busy lives and juggle many obligations, the value this course provides is more than worth the effort and far exceeds the nominal cost

Happy family father,  mother and child d
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